Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Outdoor Entertainment for Fall

This past weekend officially marked the beginning of fall. With summer’s departure, many of us are left feeling nostalgic for the warm weather and terrified of the cold days to come. But just because the pools are closed and the leaves are starting to turn, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy being outdoors. The fall weather provides a great opportunity for many outdoor activities to help us transition between the seasons.

Install a fire pit
Adding a fire pit to a front or back yard is a great way to 
enjoy those fall nights. They are so versatile, and are available
 in so many styles, sizes, materials, and shapes, that anyone 
could find one that suits their taste. If you are enhancing a yard for a house that you plan to stay at, a built in fire pit may be the way to go. Not only do you get to enjoy the warmth of a fire, but it adds aesthetic value to your home as a whole. For
those who move around more often, there are smaller, 
portable fire pit options. If this sounds like you, consider a mid-sized fire pit table. Don’t worry-there are plenty of 
amazing fire pits that are easily transported from one place
to the next.


                                                           Grill out
Cooking out on the grill is by no means exclusively for summer. There is still plenty of time to fire up the grill and entertain your friends. As the days become shorter, many of us may slip into a routine of cooking the same meals night after night. But a grill is the perfect excuse to break out the fall recipes or try something new. Just remember that as it gets colder outside, it takes longer for the grill to heat up. Allow for extra prep and cooking time for larger meals.

Create a fall themed dining space
Do you have an outdoor patio or deck? Why not dress it up with beautiful fall colors! The natural landscape of fall is very inspiring, and it’s easy to create an outdoor dining scene that matches the season. All it takes is a wreath, fall leaves, pumpkins, lots of red and orange, and already you’ve created a dining area worthy of fall’s beauty. Consider inviting friends over for a weekend brunch and take advantage of the warm parts of the day. 


Fall is an amazing time where change is all around us. Embrace these changes, and enjoy the beauty of being outdoors during these cooler months.