Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Mailbox for Everyone!

Your mailbox is an integral part of your home. While some let it serve only as a way to send and receive mail, others view it as an opportunity to add personality to a widely viewed feature of your home. If you’ve never considered what kind of mailbox owner you are but would like to find out, look no further! We have compiled a comprehensive guide to mailbox styles, and which ones suit you best.

Turn your mailbox into its very own planter! You can also add plants around the base of the mailbox, creating a beautiful floral arrangement for your mail.

This mosaic mailbox is made out of sea glass, and is sure to impress any passerby. Mosaic is one great artistic idea, but there are many others including painting and sculpting your own designs.

Simple and direct. Modern and sleek. This mailbox is perfect for someone who wants a great style without all the ornamentation.

Show the whole neighborhood what your passions are! This fishing mailbox is great, but other popular themes include guitars, cooking, sailing, and golfing.

Show off your funny side with a humorous mailbox. This one, while I'm sure not very effective, is certainly entertaining!

Home lover:
 If you really, really love your house, why not build a replica of it for your mailbox? Your mailbox house can also double as a birdhouse!

 There is something great about keeping it classic. This mailbox is simple and modest, yet still unique and beautiful.

Antique enthusiast:
If you are an antique or vintage item collector, there are many options in the ways of mailboxes. This wall postbox is so amazing, but there are also many options for an antique lawn mailbox.

 Car-shaped mailboxes are extremely popular. Stick with an antique version, or build a replica of your favorite sports car! Motorcycle mailboxes are also very cool and unique.

Whether you light to keep it pretty and simple, or wacky and outlandish, there is truly a mailbox out there for everyone. What is the craziest mailbox design you have ever seen?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The 3 S's of a Perfect Mudroom (Plus 1 Extra!)

If you have pets, children, a garden (or really just a home at all!) then you can appreciate the importance of a mudroom. Even if you don’t have a separate room, just having an area that houses coats, shoes, bags, pet supplies, etc., can be such a relief when you walk in or out the door. While there are so many features you could add to a mudroom, there are a few key factors in keeping your mudroom organized and effective.
Having some sort of division in your mudroom is imperative in keeping it organized. If you have multiple children, a logical way to divide the mudroom is to have a station for each person in the family. A shelf, hook, and drawer is a great place to start so your children can store their coats, backpacks, shoes, or whatever else you can think of! For your very own station, you now have a specific, organized area to keep your outerwear, bags, and miscellaneous items such as an umbrella. If you have a smaller family where this kind of separation is not necessary, you could switch it up and organize based on type of item.


Having a seat in your mudroom can be an amazing thing: Lacing up your winter boots, getting your kids ready for school, or simply taking a well deserved break after working hard in the garden or yard. Often times, seating is built in with the cabinets and shelves in a mudroom, with additional storage underneath. If you do not already have a built-in system and want to with something simpler, all you really need is a bench with added cushions or padding for comfort.


The mudroom is often the first point of entry into a home. This usually results in the dirty shoes and messy equipment being shed and left in this room. That is precisely why a sink can be so beneficial in a mudroom. If you have pets, you may even want to consider a small shower area (this could work for kids too!). Take advantage of having that extra mudroom, and use it as a way to keep the rest of your home clean.

Extra: Style
While the main point of a mudroom is to be functional, there is still plenty of room to decorate! Since mudrooms are typically located near a door or window, they usually have a lot of natural light. Work with that, and incorporate bright, bold colors into the room. Painting the walls, or the stations/shelves themselves is an easy way to keep your mudroom looking great. You can also add decorative pieces such as area rugs, floor lamps, and wall art. There are also so many creative options when it comes to staying organized. Utilizing bins, baskets, chalk boards, crates, and shelves gives you the storage you need while creating a unique and personalized space for you and your family. 

Having a deliberate and well organized mudroom can be a savior for any busy worker, parent, or homeowner. The nuts and bolts of mudroom organization should be tailored to suit the needs of you and your family, but hopefully these tips are a helpful starting point! Check our our Pinterest for even more mudroom ideas!