Friday, December 16, 2016

Traveling for the Holidays- Make Your Home Ready Before You Go!

Many of us travel over the holidays...but do all of us do these essential things before we leave? Take a few moments to read through to make sure you come back to a home in good condition. 

  • Turn off your main water supply and leave your faucets slightly open (this will prevent any busted pipes or leaks)
  • Unplug your electronics (they require more energy than you think!)
  • Put your lights on a timer (nothing says "rob my house- I'm not home" more than a house that doesn't have any activity in it)
  • Stop mail service (just let the post office to hold your mail until you are back, it's a free service!)
  • Turn down your furnace (just 5-10 degrees, don't shut it off!)
  • Pour baking soda down your drains and toilet (you can also add vinegar to freshen your drains, but this keeps you from playing the game of "where's that smell coming from?")
  • Seal any open boxes of dry goods such a noodles, rice or nuts (this removes any temptation critters may have when you are away)
  • Clean your house, so when you come back and you're exhausted from traveling, you won't have any chores to do.
  • Lastly, it's a good idea to freeze a simple meal or two (if your flight gets delayed or travel plans are not what you expected, you can easily heat up a nice home-cooked meal when you arrive back) 

Safe Travels from all of us at D.J.'s!Image result for graphic  happy holidays