Friday, December 16, 2016

Traveling for the Holidays- Make Your Home Ready Before You Go!

Many of us travel over the holidays...but do all of us do these essential things before we leave? Take a few moments to read through to make sure you come back to a home in good condition. 

  • Turn off your main water supply and leave your faucets slightly open (this will prevent any busted pipes or leaks)
  • Unplug your electronics (they require more energy than you think!)
  • Put your lights on a timer (nothing says "rob my house- I'm not home" more than a house that doesn't have any activity in it)
  • Stop mail service (just let the post office to hold your mail until you are back, it's a free service!)
  • Turn down your furnace (just 5-10 degrees, don't shut it off!)
  • Pour baking soda down your drains and toilet (you can also add vinegar to freshen your drains, but this keeps you from playing the game of "where's that smell coming from?")
  • Seal any open boxes of dry goods such a noodles, rice or nuts (this removes any temptation critters may have when you are away)
  • Clean your house, so when you come back and you're exhausted from traveling, you won't have any chores to do.
  • Lastly, it's a good idea to freeze a simple meal or two (if your flight gets delayed or travel plans are not what you expected, you can easily heat up a nice home-cooked meal when you arrive back) 

Safe Travels from all of us at D.J.'s!Image result for graphic  happy holidays

Monday, August 1, 2016

Pantagraph Reader's Choice Awards

We were so thrilled to receive The Pantagraph’s Reader’s Choice Award this year for Best Contractors AND Best Painting! What an honor-thank you. It is so gratifying to know that our hard work and efforts have been noticed and appreciated. Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for us. We wouldn’t be here without all of your support!

Thank you again for such an important recognition.

D.J.’s Painting & Remodeling, Inc

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat: Air Conditioning Fixes You Need to Know
The most efficient ways to take care of your home on these hot summer days.

We thought with the excessive heat warnings, we could share a few tips on how to best stay cool and conserve energy in the process.
Should you turn your thermostat down or off if you are leaving for a long period of time? Some people worry that if you turn your air conditioning off, it will have to use up that much more energy to catch back up. But doing this will actually save you money. And not to worry, an air conditioning unit that is running at full speed runs more efficiently and better dehumidifies the house.
Buy a ceiling fan. Some homeowners are under the impression that running a ceiling fan will lower the temperature in the room. While the fan will better cool you down, it will not actually affect the temperature in the room. So you do not need to run the ceiling fans if you are out for the day.
Buy some plants. Placing some large, shady plants or bushes in front of your windows on hot summer days will actually help keep the house cooler.
Does turning the thermostat up make the house cool off faster?  No. Once the thermostat is running full speed, it will continue to do so until the set temperature is caught up. It is always best to not turn the thermostat up too high or you might forget and waste energy.
Take a shower. Don’t forget, if you are still hot and in need of a quick fix, you can always cool off in the shower! And taking a 10 minute shower is actually more energy efficient than a bath!

Friday, July 15, 2016

D.J.’s Painting & Remodeling, Inc Announces Two New Hires: Interior Designer, Marketing Coordinator

Management Team Expanded to Support Rapid Growth

BLOOMINGTON, IL.—D.J.’s, the area leader in painting and remodeling, announced recent additions to their management team to meet the needs of their growing workforce and expanding consumer demand. Ali Drennan was hired as the Interior Designer and Julie Kietzman was named Marketing Coordinator. “I am beyond excited for the direction our company is headed,” quotes David Juarez, President of D.J.’s Painting & Remodeling, Inc. 

Ali Drennan is a recent graduate from Illinois State University, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design. Her love for remodeling began in high school, when she would get her hands dirty helping her contractor step dad. Drennan hopes to continue to improve the remodeling process here at D.J.’s. Drennan’s hobbies also include painting and refurbishing.

Julie Kietzman is also an ISU graduate, with a Bachelor’s in Marketing. She brings photography experience to the table as well. Kietzman hopes to spread the message of their capabilities and looks forward to showcasing D.J.’s work with her background in photography and marketing.

D.J.’s Painting & Remodeling, Inc. is a Central Illinois based company, specializing in indoor and outdoor, commercial and residential painting and remodeling. If it’s not on the list, just ask!

Monday, July 11, 2016

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer Porch

Hit the flea market. Digging for treasures at outdoor flea markets and summer yard sales is always an adventure. Folding chairs, vintage wicker and small wood tables are natural choices, but keep an eye out for interesting containers for plants, mirrors and artwork, too. Imperfect finds you might pass up for the living room could be splendid on a summer porch, so keep an open mind.
Set up an outdoor dining space. Meals are always more pleasant outdoors in the summer. Or even just a space to sip coffee with a loved one while catching fresh air is a great start to your day. Add some comfy cushions to your table chairs and string lights overhead for the ultimate appeal.

Channel your inner Hamptons. Natural wood, sandy beige and blue make a classic beach house combination that will work on any porch. Unfinished furniture fades to sandy gray as it weathers, so it will look just right with this color scheme.
Hang a porch swing. Nothing is more soothing than a porch swing in the  summer and some of most people’s best childhood memories. Be sure to get help safely hanging a porch swing so it has the proper support.

       Cool down. If the sun and heat are keeping you from enjoying your porch as much as you could, an outdoor ceiling fan or a set of outdoor drapes could help. Bonus: The moving air from a fan can help discourage mosquitoes, too.