Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hallway and Stairway Décor

There are many ways to decorate a vacant area such as a hallway or a stairway.  D.J.’s Painting and Remodeling believes that a hallway can be used for multiple purposes such as:  A timeline to reminisce on your lives, mirrors for when you gotta run out and make sure you look decent, or artwork you appreciate.

A Timeline of Your Favorite Moments
These are probably the most popular to put in a hallway.  Whether it’s your life you want to look back on and feel fulfilled, photos of you and your significant other and how your love has prospered, or photos of your children to see how they grow before your eyes!  Bring extra volume by arranging by size, shape, or color!

Mirrors Here, There and Anywhere
While having a mirror nearby to make sure your hair looks combed is useful, these actually have a way of making your walls seem bigger than they really are.   They’ll also add some brightness to your home!

Wall Gallery
Do you have a favorite artist that you want to include in your home?  Centering the artwork in a visible area gives it a lot of focus.  If you have a lot of space in your stairway or hall, a big canvas will certainly make your home look timeless.  Smaller areas should go with smaller canvases, but you can certainly go with more than one!

Keeping it Simple
Less can certainly mean more.  Put in a rug, a shelving unit, or a small table to make your hallway appear bigger.  The décor will grab your guest’s attention if there’s only one area of focus.

We at D.J.’s Painting and Remodeling Inc. think an empty area shouldn't be too bland for your taste.  Make the most of your hallway or stairway by adding things you want to pass by every day.

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