Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Decorating Your Home with Wallpaper

If you’ve ever bought a new house and immediately ripped down the previous owner’s unattractive, out of date wallpaper, you may turned off to the idea of wallpaper altogether. While there are certainly plenty of tacky wallpapers on the market, there is also a wide variety of beautiful and unique wallpaper designs that are a great alternative to painting. Opting for wallpaper over painting can have many benefits including the cost, labor to complete the job, and ease in which it can be changed or updated. Read on to discover which rooms in your home are best suited for wallpapering.

Dining Room Accent
A dining room is a fantastic space for the addition of wallpaper. Typically, dining room areas are fairly open and may not have much wall space. This is perfect, because adding wallpaper to one or two walls only allows you to bring color and design into the space without being overwhelming. Whether you use your dining room on a nightly basis or only for guests and special occasions, it is a significant room that brings people together. Because of this, it is important to create a space that is welcoming and entertaining. There are so many design options that you could go with, but when choosing a color consider sticking to blues and greens-psychologists say that these colors promote healthy eating, and thus help your diet.

Kitchen Backsplash
Adding a backsplash to your kitchen walls is becoming increasingly popular. The traditional method is to use colored or patterned tile for the backsplash, but an alternative is installing wallpaper instead. Using wallpaper is much more cost effective, and easier to remove in the event that you change your mind and want something different. Floral designs and geometrical shapes such as diamonds or diagonal lines are common patterns for wallpaper backsplashes.

Half Bath
Half bathrooms are an excellent place to add bright and exciting wallpaper. Often times, these rooms are quite small and there are not a lot of options or space in terms of decorating. Rather than picking a paint color and coordinating the rest of the accent pieces and decorations, use wallpaper to make the walls themselves the focal point of the room. Many people go with tan or beige colored wallpaper with soft or textured designs for their bathroom. This style maintains a sense of calm and relaxation. Others choose to go with a more nature-based approach, utilizing patterns that include flowers, trees, animals, or some combination. Whether you decide to go modest or bold in design, wallpapering a half bathroom is certainly a good choice.

Kid's Rooms
If you have children but little or no artistic skill, wallpaper is the perfect solution to give them the amazing theme room they’ve always dreamed of. Wallpaper is perfect for a kid’s room for two reasons: there are so many amazing and intricate designs out there that would be extremely difficult to replicate while painting on your own, and it is much easier to swap out once your child outgrows it. There are many patterns that are appropriate for the entire room, and other bolder or character themed murals that are ideal for an accent wall. For a kid’s room consider using removable wallpaper so when they do decide it’s time for a change, you can upgrade their bedroom with ease.  
One final room that is fitting for wallpaper use is the foyer. As noted time and time again, the foyer is the first impression of your home and so you want it to be special and unique. Rather than going with a bold design, neutral toned wallpaper with a textured design is perfect for a foyer. Employing this style brings something extra to your foyer that you can’t get with paint, but doesn’t take the wallpaper over the top. Depending on what color you decide to choose, there are so many different options to achieve a textured look.

Wallpaper is an easy and fun way to dress up your home. No matter which room you decide to put it in or what style or pattern you choose, you should always keep wallpaper in mind when thinking about updating your walls.

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