Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Exterior House Colors

Cultivating your dream home is a multifaceted process, involving literally dozens of different decisions. However one of the most primary and the most important features of your home is the color itself. The color of your home is often a starting point for all future elements, making it extremely important that you choose a color that you are happy with and can build off of. Read on for helpful tips when painting the exterior of your home.

Bold and Bright White
The traditional American look for a home is a bright white house with dark black shutters. Travel to almost any town in the country, and you are sure to come across a house with these features. This look has withstood the test of time because it is classic, clean, and appealing. The contrast of the white and black work particularly well with a house containing symmetrical features. One great thing about a white house is that it leaves you with literally endless options to accentuate and decorate the rest of the space.

Primary Colors
When thinking about painting your home, almost any color would work given that you choose the appropriate shade. However, primary colors seem to work particularly well for exteriors. Red, yellow and blue are amazing colors to use for your home. With any of these colors, you could choose a bright and bold shade, or go with a lighter and more toned down approach. Each color looks great on its own, but can be complimented nicely as well. Red houses look great with gray trim or accents, yellow houses pair well with brown, and blue looks amazing with white.

Varying Shades
One way to be able to paint your home a solid color but still add some contrast is to incorporate varying shades of one color. One way to do this is to paint the entire exterior one shade, and choose shutters, trim, or other accent pieces in a different shade. If your house is layered or has visible divisions, you could paint different parts of the exterior different shades. This method tends to work very well with green, as often times one color of green can be either too bland or too overwhelming, depending on the shade.

Back to Basics 
It may come as no surprise that for exterior painting we are certainly advocates of the classics. Beige, tan, gray-these colors are called classics for a reason. They look great on almost any style of home, and give you a canvas upon which to add your personal touches. Stick with one classic neutral-toned color, or incorporate a few different ones for a different look. No matter how you go about it, you really cannot go wrong with this color palette.

The weather is finally warm which means D.J's Painting & Remodeling is in full swing, ready to get out there and paint the exterior of your home! Give us a call today to give your home an extraordinary exterior!

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