Friday, November 2, 2012

Make the Most of Your Patio

Are you facing bare patio syndrome? Does your pergola need a little extra? Here are a few quick tips to get the most out of your patio or pergola just in time for summer!
  1. Make it your own: You can easily improve the appearance of your patio by incorporating a color or theme. You can do this by adding colored furniture, flowers, and planters. Try adding unique antique touches to your patio such as an old wagon wheel, mail box, or bird bath. Put the finishing touch on your seating area with small, colorful pillows, a lap blanket to drape over your chairs, and a decorative lantern of lighting fixture on one of the table.
  2. Outdoor lighting: A quick fix to a patio that isn’t used often is adding a touch of light! Don’t have an outlet nearby? Don’t worry! Most lanterns and string lights now come with solar or battery options that provide great lighting. Want something a little more natural? An outdoor fireplace in the middle of your patio not only brings light, but also adds a center attraction to your patio, and not to mention a little warmth for those cool summer nights.
  3. Add comfortable seating! Even the best patio will go unused if the seating is uncomfortable. Look for furniture with a bit of flex to it such as wicker, or heavier seating with thick, lush cushions. If your patio is small and won’t be holding a crowd, invest in one luxurious chair and make it a retreat for one. If you patio is larger, provide a good sized outdoor dining table and comfortable chairs. Don’t forget to place small end table next to your chairs for a place to rest a cool beverage or a plate of food!
  4. Add some life to your pergola! Your pergola is the perfect place to add some style with some showy vines, creating a thick, natural canopy. Vines that work well include Jade, Morning Glory, Cypress, and many varieties of climbing roses. It’s also a great place to grow vegetables such as peas or Scarlet Runner Beans! You can also add flower hanging baskets with pops of bright-colored foliage to add depth and texture at the viewers’ eye level.
  5. Pergola looking a little drab? It may be time to re-stain your pergola after it has been exposed to the weather for a while. Pergolas usually need to be re-stained once a year, or once every two years. Be sure to clean the pergola before applying stain, and look out for drips when applying the stain! If you don’t want to do the staining yourself, a local contractor, such as D.J.’s Painting and Remodeling, would love to help out with the job!
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