Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Making your home YOU!

When looking through those designer magazines, it’s easy to say “I wish my house looked like that!” But when we take a second look, you want your home to reflect YOU, not what a designer think looks great in front of a camera.  Take some (or all!) of these suggestions to turn your home into, well…. YOUR home!

·         Incorporate your favorite COLOR. 
      Don’t have one? David Juarez, president of D.J.’s Painting & Remodeling, says to “look at your favorite shirt.” What color is it? What color is prominent in your closet?  If your wardrobe is filled with blue, you got your favorite color. You can change the color of window treatments, create an accent wall, change your throw pillows or blankets, bring in some artwork, or even new furniture.

A word of warning: Don’t overdo it! In other words, you don’t want to walk into a completely blue room. Keep it simple, so there’s just the right balance.

·         Show off your collections. Antiques, sea shells, glass elephants, Chicago Bears collectables or whatever it may be you find personal interest in… SHOW IT OFF!  Placing these items in a glass armoire is an easy way to proclaim your treasures as well as keeping them safe.

·         Flaunt your family photos. Putting up a large portrait in a family or gathering room shows who’s important in your life. These don’t have to be professionally done or posed.

Go ahead and put some goofy, spontaneous photographs up with your loved ones.
 These are the ones that really make you smile, as they elicit the fun memories you had during that time.

·        Replace with Quality. The vanity cabinet in your master has taken a beating and is outdated. Replace it with a solid, quality wood that will last for years. The laminate floor in the kitchen is coming up and yellowing. Replace it with ceramic tile or hardwood!   The light fixtures and plumbing fixture are out of style and showing rust. Replace Replace Replace! 

The whole idea is to personalize the space in which you live. So whether you just moved or are sprucing up what you already own, put a little of yourself into the mix!


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