Monday, December 31, 2012

The Evolution of your Child's Bedroom

The Evolution of your Child’s Bedroom

As your kids grow, it’s important to let their room grow with them. Here we outline the five phases of your child’s bedroom with more articles to come that highlight helpful tips at each stage, current trends for your kid’s room, and ideas for how to make the space reflect your little bundle of joy as they get older and, when the nest empties, how the space can reflect you!

Whether it’s your first child or fifth, there are essential design ideas for nurseries that will suit your newborn baby as well as you as parents. Are you a new grandparent? A new baby in the family can cause changes to be made in your home as well. Watch for more on how to create a space for baby. 

Kid’s Room
There is a lot more to updating a kid’s room from a nursery than taking out the crib and adding a big kid bed. With a talking, walking, running, jumping child, the room has to accommodate active play and, of course, more toys! Colors can change and the room can shift its design to reflect a child’s developing interests and activities. 

Teenage Bedroom
As your kid matures, you’ll want to let the things of childhood filter out as they develop new interests. Creating a space for your teen to hangout, do homework, and reflect their personalities is an important part of the evolution of the bedroom.

College Years
When your young adult leaves for college, the room takes on a different feel. Find ways to use the vacant space, and still make sure it welcomes your academic back home for breaks.

Empty Nest
When your little baby leaves for the next phase of life, don’t let the room sit empty. Turn it into a guest room for when they come to visit or use the space for new hobbies and interests of your own. Convert the space to suit the needs of you!

Make memories for your child by designing a room that suits them and changes when they do, so they’ll always think of your house as home.

Check back as we post helpful hints and design ideas for each stage!

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