Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Playroom Features

Essential Playroom Items (and some Not-so-essential ones)

A play room is meant for play, but there are some aspects that will make the room an ideal play space for your child. D.J.’s Painting and Remodeling thinks that a few key features should be a part of every play room.

Work Table
When it’s time to craft, draw, paint, write, or wherever the creative winds carry your kid, you’ll want to make sure there is space for them to let their imagination go free! Put a table in the play room and have a space for tools and supplies they will need to put their hands to work.

Space to Play
For those play times that require massive building block towers or long race tracks, fairy kingdoms or restaurants of hungry guests, make sure there is some clear space in the play room to move about. Make the space colorful with a rug or leave it up to your kid to cover the space with the toys of the day!

The worst pain in the world is stepping on a stray Lego piece. With the right storage, those Lego blocks can have a place to stay when not in use besides under your feet. Bins and crates for toys and shelves for books are the building blocks of great storage in a play room that can leave plenty of room for play and for mom and dad’s sanity.

A play room does not have to be all about logistics. There are so many ways to make a playroom fun and unique with elements for your child to expound upon. Give them a stage in the corner of the room to put on concerts or a wall covered with chalk board paint that they can draw on to their heart’s desire. D.J.’s Painting and Remodeling firmly believes that when designing a playroom, paying attention to the details can make a big difference in your child’s play time by giving them something for their imagination to work with!

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