Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Color Trend: 'Greige'

A ‘Greige’ Area

We could argue whether ‘greige’ is a real word, but the trend in interior design color may have Webster adding it to the dictionary soon! Neutrals are no longer standard gray, beige, white, and black as painters and interior designers combine gray and beige to set a whole new standard in color design and there are some benefits to this rising trend.

Plays well with others
Greige offers flexibility in your home’s color design as it is easily coordinated with a variety of textures and gives unity to a space. You’ll find that it creates a subtle statement with a little more excitement than a standard gray or beige and allows you to have flexibility with the remaining elements in the room.

Earthy and elegant
This new tone also fits with a variety of styles. Whether you are working toward an earthy look or a more elegant appeal, greige can work with different styles to achieve entirely different looks.

If you think greige might be just as dull as the rest of the neutrals, think again! This shade comes loaded with undertones depending on which shade of greige you choose. You can add color to the room based on the undertones present in your greige of choice.

At D.J.’s Painting and Remodeling, we see a lot of beige going into Bloomington homes. Greige is a way to stray from the trend while achieving the same classic look. It also gives you much more options outside the range of the typical beige or gray colors.

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