Monday, June 3, 2013

Entertainment Centers

The Best in Entertainment Centers

One big obstacle in the design of a family room is the television. You have to contend with cords, remotes, movie players, speakers, movies, and don’t forget the actual television. Whether your goal is to hide the entertainment system away or to leave it on display, D.J.’s Painting and Remodeling has some options that can make your whole entertainment center something to be proud of!

Build it in
Built-in cabinets provide great flexibility in design options. Some homeowners opt to use the entire wall while some may choose to do a smaller scale that only takes up a portion of the wall. A corner cabinet is another option. The right design allows you to put more into the space that detracts attention from the presence of the television like books or home decor. Darker hues in the wood will also aid in making the television blend into the background.

Picture perfect
If a built-in cabinet is a little more than you want, a frame around the television will make it appear finished and hide the cords. You can pick a frame that will accent the décor already in your home and coordinate with other wall décor. Another option is to put the television in the wall and frame around it. The flush surface will conceal the bulk of the tv.

Closed meeting
If building something into your home to accommodate your entertainment system is a slightly larger project than you are looking to complete, plenty of beautiful cabinets are available to match your style and storage needs. And the cabinet doors will allow you to tuck the television away if the cinema is not the main event at a gathering.

There are a ton of other options for your entertainment center. The television can be mounted or you can change it up and install a projector and screen! No matter your preference, a good solution for your television does exist!   Hide all the cords and make your living space beautiful with the right entertainment center.

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