Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bath Remodel Details

The Little Details in a Bath Remodel

It’s the little things when it comes to achieving a whole look in a bath remodel. D.J.’s Painting and Remodeling thinks the details are what pulls a whole look together. So while you’re considering the big changes like flooring and paint, tub and vanity, remember the small things as well.
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Plumbing fixtures and other accessories
You may think that plumbing fixtures, knobs, and pulls are a pretty standard selection to make; however, they can add a great amount of character to your bathroom. The color and style will contribute to the overall style and design in a bath remodel. Even the variety of fixtures and accessories you choose to install can aid in the overall look and use of the bathroom.

Light fixtures
You’re not limited to a standard flush mount when considering the lighting for your bathroom at remodel time. Lighting really is the finishing touch to a remodel. The right amount of light will show off your new space rather than hiding the updated features. The fixture itself contributes to the look of the bathroom and enough options are available that budget won’t hem you in as much as you may fear.

Shelving and storage
You may have considered where to put toiletries, linens, and other items, but there are even more storage and shelving options such as what built-in shelves would you like to put in the shower and what unused space could be utilized for storage. You may end up with a lot more space than you thought possible by considering these details from the beginning!

D.J.’s Painting and Remodeling recommends putting a great deal of thought into the mirror. Whether it’s the mirror over the vanity or a full length mirror on a wall or door, if this is the bathroom you spend the most time getting ready in, make sure the mirror is what you need! There are plenty of style options to suit your tastes, so focus on how much reflection you want to do in the bathroom space.

Little details are what add up to the big picture and, at D.J.’s Painting and Remodeling, we want to make sure you hit the mark with your final bathroom design by planning the details from the beginning. Planning ahead will help achieve your vision for your bath remodel.

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