Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Details for Fire Pits

Six Essential “S” Words for Fire Pits

Think all fire pits are the same? They offer more variety than you would think! D.J.’s Painting and Remodeling thinks you should know they come in all kinds of styles, shapes, and sizes to accommodate your needs as a homeowner.  If you are looking to add a fire pit to your outdoor living space, we have six things you should consider in order to achieve a unique design that’s perfect for you!

A fire pit rarely stands alone. While you are designing your ideal fire pit, consider how the elements surrounding the fire pit will affect it. Will you work it into your deck or patio? Where will it be in your yard? What landscaping do you want to add to complement? A good plan is a great start to the perfect fire pit.

Make sure your goal for a fire pit aligns with the style of your home and the elements already in your outdoor living space. You can achieve a variety of styles including modern, contemporary, traditional, and rustic. Know which direction you are heading before getting to the details.

This is where budget can affect your decision, but beyond budget, the dimensions of the fire pit as well as the dimensions of the surrounding area. Also, consider how far into the ground and how high above ground level you prefer. A fire pit is something for your family to enjoy, so these decisions are about what you prefer.

A fire pit has a lot of flexibility in the shape from semi-circle, circle, oval, square, to rectangle and if you want to get crazy, I’m sure you could pick another shape! Base the shape on personal preference, but also how many people you want to be able to gather around.

Stone selection for your fire pit can vary in color, size, shape, and style. Different choices in stones will achieve a different look. D.J.’s Painting and Remodeling stresses the value of having visual examples so that the end result matches what you had in mind from the start.

The purpose behind a fire pit is typically that it serves as a gathering area in your outdoor living space. Built-in seating is an option or regular patio furniture can be a great complement too! You can combine the two seating types for flexibility. Check out other patio designs to be certain you like the look of built-in seating or furniture.

Consider the details when looking to add a fire pit to your outdoor living space and you’ll love watching those elements come together to match the vision you had for your fire pit!

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