Monday, May 8, 2017

Does your house need painting? Here's how to tell...

Has it been more than a few years since you have taken care of the exterior of your house? Not sure what signs to look for to know when it's time? You can always call D.J.'s Painting and Remodeling, Inc. for a free estimate and we'll give you our professional advice, but here's some quick tips to look for:

  1. Your color doesn't seem as bright or bold. Over time, sun fades paint color. Try removing a shutter to see if there is a color difference. If there is a vast difference, it's time.
  2. Paint is starting to peel. If you notice any peeling, curling or bubbling in paint, it is one of the easiest signs to tell your paint is starting to fail and allowing the wood underneath to be exposed to the harsh conditions of mother nature.
  3. Gaps or cracks. Even the smallest gaps or cracks are letting water in and causing damage to your home. If it's one or two, it's an easy fix and touch up. If you find more than that- call us at (309)452-9643 to give you an estimate.
  4. Caulk has gaps, cracks or is loose. Caulk is another component of your house that helps with water-proofing your house. This is probably the most important aspect that needs to be addressed before winter comes.
  5. Your house was build 5 years ago. During new construction, a single coat of paint is typically sprayed on. You shouldn't wait more than 5 years to have your home prepped and painted a second time after the house has settled and moved. 
As always, you can always schedule an estimate with one of our project managers even if you are unsure if your house is needing some work or not. 

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